Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Comfort Food: Spaghetti Sammich

First, let me apologize. I really would like to post new exciting bakings every week, but as many of you know I've been a bit on the ill side. Nothing says "come eat my food!" like "*hack*hack*sneeze*cough*splork*".   Instead, I'm offering to you a mini-post on my current favorite comfort food. Warning: it contains no bacon.

Now, this may come as a shock to you, and please don't burn me at the stake for heresy, but... I don't really like pasta. I've never had a really crappy day at work and thought to myself, "Ohmagawd, what I really want right now is a big bowl of alfredo." And let's face it--pasta on its own really isn't that good. It's only good because of what we do to it. It's like tofu: bland, soft, colorless, and you gotta gussy it up to make it appealing.

My favorite part about spaghetti dinners has, honestly, been the garlic toast. Husband makes the spaghetti, and I put the bread in the toaster and then schmear it up with butter & garlic, all warm and melty and gooey and oooooooooh yeah, that's the good stuff right there.  Have you ever been at the italian restaurant and used your bread to scrape up the last of the sauce? That's where it began. I loved to eat the sauce with my garlic toast; then I started leaving a little bit of spaghetti in my bowl to eat on the toast; and then I had the epiphany: why not just put the spaghetti on the toast completely? It's my dinner, I can eat garlic toast spaghetti if I want to!
And you know what? This is really good. You want to.

-Step 1-
These days I buy hoagie or bolillo rolls at the grocery store and keep them in the freezer until needed for sammiches.  You can take them out of the freezer and pop them right in the toaster oven, frozen, and they'll still toast perfectly fine. (Note: you can use regular bread, and just make the sammich open-faced. Still delicious!)  So for step 1, get out your bread of choice, and put it in the toaster.

-Step 2-
While toasting, make up a small bowl of spaghetti. Use extra sauce, cause no one likes a dry sammich.  Cut up the spaghetti into small pieces. This is the only time it is acceptable to cut up spaghetti for adult consumption!  That's why good italian restaurants give you a tablespoon with your pasta, you philistines!

-Step 3-
When the toast is ready, pull it out and quickly slather on a good heap of butter & garlic powder while it's still warm. I toasted mine a little bit too dark here, but all toast is good toast deep down inside, and it just wants to be loved. That's ok, dark toast. I'll love you. You see those cheese slices, btw? That's real shaved parmesan. You're making food for your soul here, and your soul don't want that green-can stuff that tastes and looks like sawdust!

-Step 4-
Spaghetti on bread, cheese on spaghetti, top with more bread. You can slide a few slices of pepperoni in there if you like, we won't judge you. Microwave for about 30-45 seconds if need be, to melt the cheese.
This is where we end up. This, my friends, this is lovin for your tummin. Keep the fork; you'll need it!

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